CargoWise One Support

Do you have CargoWise One in operation or are you ready for commissioning? As a CargoWise One specialist, we provide you with application support in order to resolve the problems in regular operations as quickly as possible.

After the go-live phase, support cases still occur, even if ongoing operations are stabilized. We analyze these cases and provide you with solutions that help you resume the workflow at short notice.

With CargoWise One application support, we help you to keep interrupt phases – e.g. caused by complex application processes or system errors – as short as possible.

CargoWise One Support


  • Standstills during the daily routine are quickly eliminated
  • Get comprehensive solutions from CargoWise One specialists
  • Flexible adjustment of the ticket volume according to your needs
  • Transparent ticket consumption through monthly report

CargoWise One Support


We will agree on a ticket quota at a monthly fixed price. A ticket with a detailed questionnaire or problem description, as well as an access to your CargoWise One System, will be processed at short notice and we will provide you with a comprehensive solution. This is either supplied by our 1st or, if necessary, by our 2nd level support.

If your ticket requirement exceeds the agreed monthly quota, you can still open tickets in the respective month and receive the support at a pre-determined ticket price. At the end of each month, you will receive a report on called tickets, so your ticket consumption is always transparent.


CargoWise One Support


Choose one of the best-use quotas or arrange an individual quota with us according to your requirements. Your ticket quota can be upgraded or downgraded easily every quarter.

EUR 420 /month plus VAT
  • 6 Tickets
EUR 675 /month plus VAT
  • 10 Tickets
EUR 975 /month plus VAT
  • 15 Tickets

Our expertise

As the largest certified WiseService Gold Partner in Continental Europe, we help our globally operating customers to use and utilize CargoWise One optimally and to extend the system by useful components.

We are happy to hear from you!

Olaf Zöftig
+ 49 40 88173 4419


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