CargoWise One Customs Declaration Process

CargoWise2Customs provides you with an efficient and transparent customs declaration process thanks to a high level of automation! With CargoWise2Customs we connect your CargoWise One with the ATLAS-certified customs software Advantage Customs.

Data that you have already entered into CargoWise One that is required for a customs declaration is sent to Advantage Customs. After successfully submitting the customs declaration to ATLAS, status information, customs documents, delivery data, etc. are automatically sent back to CargoWise One and assigned to the respective shipment.

Double data entry is no longer required and you benefit from an efficient and automated customs declaration process!



  • Automated transmission of customs-related data
  • High degree of automation of your entire customs declaration process
  • Significant reduction of manual effort
  • Minimize the risk of erroneous / inconsistent data

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As the largest certified WiseService Gold Partner in Continental Europe, we help our globally operating customers to use and utilize CargoWise One optimally and to extend the system by useful components.

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