CargoWise One Upgrade Handling

CargoWise One updates with improved system functionalities will be released multiple times per year.

Before upgrading the live system, new release versions need to be tested extensively to determine potential effects on normal operation and initiate appropriate actions at an early stage. Those tests are very time-consuming and resource-intensive.

To relieve your IT and operational departments and to minimize your effort, we have created a "CargoWise One Upgrade Handling". Your CargoWise One is always up to date and you will benefit from the latest version as early as possible.

We will test your test scenarios and if actions are needed, we recommend appropriate steps. After final approval we will upgrade your live System

CargoWise One Upgrade Handling


Relief of your staff
Extensive tests by CargoWise One specialists
You will always work on the latest CargoWise One version
Avoiding interruptions in normal operations caused by system changes

CargoWise One Upgrade Handling

How it works


Our expertise

As the largest certified WiseService Gold Partner in Continental Europe, we help our globally operating customers to use and utilize CargoWise One optimally and to extend the system by useful components.

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