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The challenge: Medical imaging systems currently produce images in different formats that are specific to the medical application, a problem compounded by the isolated archives or “silos” used to store them. These data silos reduce diagnostic efficiency, and switching media during subsequent digital workflows means costs spiral out of control.

So what's the solution? centralONE med has come up with a Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) based on Cloudian’s hyper-performance, limitlessly scalable and cost-effective object storage technology and DICOM-oriented software. With its integrated universal graphics viewer and automated workflows, it means patient data is available in real time from any location, making format chaos a thing of the past.

Focus: Digital pathology

centralONE med reduces the time from sample preparation to return of test results to the absolute minimum.

Pathology is one of the most time-consuming analytical methods known to medical practice. Whilst the preparation of tissue samples and bodily fluids is standardized and well-established, preparing and interpreting the samples can often take days or weeks because of the chronic shortage of pathologists and the time-consuming manual processes involved.

The centralONE med digital platform can reduce the time from sample preparation to return of test results to the absolute minimum. By generating digital macro images and backing them up on the hyper-performance, web-based Cloudian object storage system, it allows pathologists to interpret slide images from a wide variety of locations and imaging devices in conjunction with the integrated multiviewer.

Focus: Digital mammography

centralONE med makes image data immediately available throughout the clinic and provides a universal viewer for all relevant image data.

Although most hospitals currently use the opportunities provided by digital mammography for optimized detection and treatment of breast cancer, technical limitations prevent the full potential of these system from being realized. Specialized workstations and viewers are needed to view digital mammography and DBT scans, creating additional data silos that prevent standardized handling of subsequent electronic workflows. 

As an integrated software platform, centralONE med puts a stop to all that. Stored on Cloudian’s limitlessly scalable web-based object storage system, image data can be made immediately available throughout the clinic and can be viewed using a universal viewer that supports image data from all other relevant departments with no need for expensive proprietary workstations.

Like mammography and pathology, the other clinical departments also benefit from centralONE med. Real-time provision of ultrasound, MRI, CT, RT and other image data on a single software platform improves diagnosis and maximizes productivity throughout the whole clinical ecosystem.

Focus: Electronic health records

centralONE med integrates a vendor-neutral archive system (VNA), a universal viewer and automated workflows to unleash the full potential of EHRs. 

As a cross-departmental, cross-campus repository, the electronic health record has the potential to make significant improvements to the quality of patient care whilst at the same time ensuring cost savings and productivity gains

But integrating all the key medical images and data of patients in a single high-performance environment is one of the greatest unsolved challenges facing technical departments in the medical sector. For example, it is currently impossible in most cases to create links that allow DICOM and non-DICOM objects to be combined with other elements from imaging systems in one core clinical system. All too often, radiological and cardiological images and their associated data lie stored in isolated PACS systems that are only accessible to imaging specialists. And all too often digital photos, videos and scanned documents are lost in the confusion of departmental systems.

centralONE med resolves this unsatisfactory situation and unleashes the full potential of EHRs. Based on a hyper-performance object storage system, centralONE med integrates a vendor-neutral archive system (VNA), a universal viewer and automated workflows, allowing the vision of a truly complete health record with no need to switch media to become a reality.

The technology behind centralONE med: Cloudian HyperStore object storage

The technology behind centralONE med is Cloudian’s fully S3-API-compliant HyperStore storage platform with exabyte scalability. HyperStore is a hyper-performance, cost-efficient on-premises solution which – unlike conventional Cloud products – provides maximum data security, making it perfect for IT environments in healthcare settings. 

HyperStore meets this segment’s stringent requirements for security, robustness and flexibility. The solution allows files to be stored or moved across all storage locations with reliable protection of sensitive patient data – all at overall operating costs up to 70% less than with conventional hard disk-based storage systems.

The Hyper store advantages

All the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud – but with none of its disadvantages

Cloudian HyperStore brings the benefits of the Cloud to your data center. Clinics and other healthcare organizations can start by using a limited configuration of HyperStore with just three nodes and then scale up as required to thousands of storage nodes. These nodes can be physical or virtual and can be implemented on industry standard hardware. Unlike some other systems, HyperStore does not require nodes to be identical, but allows nodes of any size to be added. This enables worldwide scalability via multiple data centers or medical establishments.

Centralized storage as the perfect basis for a Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA)

Cloudian HyperStore can be seamlessly integrated into numerous applications from different providers in the healthcare sector and into vendor-neutral archive solutions. This makes HyperStore perfect for centralized storage. The solution can be used to consolidate storage, display and management of all content and medical images. Specialist medical personnel can easily access complete patient data in real time to gain an overall picture – any place, any time.

Maximum data security and fully HIPAA-compliant

Protection of confidential data and patient files is, with good reason, enshrined in laws and standards such as HIPAA. Cloudian HyperStore’s comprehensive security functions such as server-based encryption and role-based access control allow a storage platform to be provided that meets all compliance requirements.

High-performance analyses due to comprehensive meta-data

Unlike conventional storage solutions, Cloudian HyperStore offers comprehensive integrated metadata functions. The HyperStore metadata management opens up new opportunities for data scientists in the healthcare sector for locating, identifying and analyzing new data patterns. Machine learning and analysis can then be used for pattern recognition, research into active substances and disease, and even in medical diagnostics.

Cross-site replication ensures data is protected

IT officers in the healthcare sector can protect and distribute data using replication or “erasure coding”. HyperStore’s storage guidelines offer granular control of data storage systems across multiple data centers, allowing factors such as cost efficiency, security levels and physical vicinity to be taken into account.

Costs up to 70% less than conventional storage solutions

Cloudian HyperStore can be implemented on industry standard hardware and reduces monthly costs for hard-disk-based, on-premises storage including support to 0.5 cent per GB or less.

Trade fairs & dates

HIMSS 2020

7 to 9 September 2020 – Digital Event

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is taking place digitally this year.

European Congress of Radiology

3 to 7 March 2021 – Vienna

The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is a forward-looking, dynamic and service-oriented congress known as one of the most innovative meetings of the scientific community.

DMEA 2021

13 to 15 April 2021 – Berlin

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