We come when the majors leave.

In theory, many things are easy. So is talking about them. Turning plans into practice is our business. We work at eye level to solve your challenges permanently with our expertise and expertise.

Our self-perception is clear: analyzing the organization, processes, and IT architectures; developing concepts; and supporting implementations even when others have already jumped ship.

That's how AKQUINET business consulting works.
Together and with passion. For our customers.



Managers can talk with experts who have an objective view of the company situation and can therefore provide more neutral assessment.


Our consultants are not attached to your company hierarchy and communicate with their counterparts at eye level. As a results, even sensitive and critical topics can be discussed.


Our fundamental expertise in a number of different industries enables us to suggest new solutions, even from other industry sectors, that can give your company a strategic Advantage.

What sets us apart?

AKQUINET supports you from your initial idea to strategy development and from implementation to operations.

  1. Our concepts and strategies focus on stability, security, economic efficiency, and operability.
  2. The combination of process consultants and IT consultants generates feasible, operable concepts for your company.
  3. As an IT service provider and data center operator, we contribute our operating expertise.
  4. Our consulting methodology focuses on practice and results – we think in terms of deliverables.

This ensures that we not only talk with you about the necessary changes, but also support you in their implementation.

Feel free to contact our experts

AKQUINET accompanies you from the first idea, the strategy development over the implementation up to the operation.

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