The perfect place for large amounts of data in the hospital

In hospitals, immense amounts of data are generated, be it clinical images from radiology or ultrasound, patient data or data from personnel or legal departments. In order to make all data centrally accessible to all authorized persons, all information must be digitized. In the best case, the data should be stored independent of devices, manufacturers and formats, so that they can be used by everyone and stored permanently.

With object storage technologies, hospitals can also manage large volumes of data sensibly.

Together with our partners Cloudian (development partner of amazon) and Quantum (expert for long-term data storage on tape) and Hyland Healthcare (expert for enterprise medical imaging products and vendor neutral archiving) we offer you a high-performance and efficient solution for the consolidation, secure storage, analysis and visualization of your mass data. In particular, unstructured data can be stored compactly and at the same time easily evaluated.

A VNA (vendor neutral archive) is a basic component to realize your vision of a hospital system integration and an imageable patient record. It integrates with the clinical applications your medical staff needs to make more informed treatment and care decisions based on comprehensive information about the patient.

The advantages of the storage technology and the application platform lie not only in the better availability of the information, but also in the great scalability of the solution: A multiplication of the data volumes to be stored, as can be expected from additional devices and other automated processes, can be mapped via this solution, since the object-oriented storage solution is much more efficient than the administration in previous, partly proprietary file formats.

Hospitals can use the object storage technology as a further pillar of data management, both on-premise and in a hybrid private cloud solution in our TÜV Level IV certified data centers in Germany.

Image processing and image management

Innovative image communication and telemedicine solutions have become the standard to support today's wealth of medical processes. Flexible real-time access to patient images, virtual diagnostic tool sets and advanced visualization - experienced specialists can be called in to help with a case anywhere in the hospital or around the world in no time at all.

NilRead is a medical image viewer for physicians, medical staff and specialists that meets today's and tomorrow's healthcare needs. This advanced technology is seamlessly integrated into your electronic health record and provides a universal, vendor-independent platform for accessing all DICOM and non-DICOM image data, no matter where they are located,


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