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As an end-to-end service provider we offer a broad range of IT and IT-related services, including Business Consulting. The ability to build custom solutions based on standard software such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, and the ability to build applications and portals using bespoke development based on commercial and open source platforms enables us to fully support our "customers" software and architecture preferences.

Our Outsourcing division helps our customers to focus on their core business by operating their business applications and solutions built by our project teams. akquinet GmbH is a privately held company. Shareholders are the directors and the CEO of our limited liability company. A high proportion of equity makes us independent of banks.

We are happy to put our expertise at your disposal.



specialized & solution-oriented



national & international



certified & powerful


Our service for your satisfaction!


Our solution reflects the individuality of your requirements. We advise you comprehensively, personally and on an equal footing.


Your satisfaction is our top priority. We maintain and value our long-term customer relationships.


It goes without saying that we focus on the reliability and security of your systems. From introduction, process optimization to complete system operation.


For your specific business process, we develop the tailor-made solution so that nothing stands in the way of optimizing your workflows.


From expert reviews to usability testing to eye tracking: We evaluate user behavior and optimize your applications.


From vision to practical solution. With the innovation method Design Thinking innovation method, we transfer your vision to a viable concept.


Our know-how for your IT solution.



We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

"AKQUINET is a very experienced partner who works with us quickly and flexibly to respond to our needs, providing tailor-made, viable solutions, working well in our project teams, and after switching our site, we look forward to working together to SharePoint 2016 and the entry into a hybrid SharePoint / Cloud environment. "

— Michael Kinzel
Head of Computer Science Technology Dräger

"The experience of AKQUINET's SAP consultants in analyzing security events and investigating critical events has immensely supported us in securing our more than 80 SAP landscapes worldwide, and last but not least, it was a very pleasant and trusting collaboration."

— Klaus Brenk
Head of Monitoring, QA & Governance Linde Group

Aladin Antic, Business Manager Infrastructure and Process Management at KfH, says: "The quality of akquinet's data center services and security levels have convinced us. Our high requirements in terms of security and availability are implemented in a solution-oriented manner. In doing so, we communicate from medium-sized companies to medium-sized companies. "Other decisive arguments were that the IT partner has a good knowledge of clubs and foundations and in particular customers in the health sector and that the data center operations act as a non-profit GmbH.

— Aladin Antic
Executive Director KfH


We advise you: Independent, competent & individual.

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