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Cloud Computing Solutions for your Business

Heavenly uncomplicated - the AKQUINET Cloud

A well-rounded solution for every area of ​​application, for every requirement: via the self-service portal, you can manage your virtual data center yourself with full transparency about the resources used and costs.

The safe and convenient solution with a sustainable perspective, also when it comes to climate protection: AKQUINET has committed to operating the cloud data center with 100% green energy by 2030.

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Our AKQUINET Cloud Portfolio

Self Service Portal (VMware Cloud Director)

Software Defined Data Center (VMware vSphere)

Software Defined Networking (VMware NSX-T)

Integrated data backup

Modern vCloud API

Daily usage billing

24/7 infrastructure support


Our Portfolio

FlexVCD - The Self Service Portal of the der AKQUINET Cloud

Our FlexVCD is the VMware Cloud Director as a modern self-service portal. From here you have access to everything and can administrate the individual modules, whether via HTML5 Web UI or via Rest API.​

FlexVM - Virtual machines of the extra class

Virtual machines are the foundation for many mission-critical applications today. Save yourself the operation of your own infrastructure for operating the VMs, including the operation of your own data center. Simply obtain the VMs as Infrastructure as a Service from the TÜViT-certified AKQUINET data centers.

FlexNet - Software Defined Networking

Network functionality and security must also be ensured in the cloud. With VMware NSX-T this is given with full flexibility and a large scope of services with the greatest possible security. Regardless of whether you administrate yourself via the Self Service Portal, programmatically address it via the Rest API, or have everything managed by AKQUINET, our 3-stage model offers you the right solution for your requirements.

FlexADP - Advanced Data Protection

From a pure self-service data backup to fully managed data backup of your environment - data backups of operating systems, applications up to Microsoft 365 - all this is Flexible Advanced Data Protection. You decide how you want to operate data backup and benefit from every option our many years of experience as a service provider for Europe-wide customers. ​Super-fast backups using the latest technologies enable granular and instant recovery of entire environments.​

FlexK8S - Kubernetes as a Service

Kubernetes Cluster as a Service,​ just right for Cloud Native Computing​. Hardly any IT department today can avoid serverless computing and Docker containers. However, the infrastructure for this often poses a challenge. AKQUINET FlexK8S takes this challenge away from you by offering Kubernetes clusters as a service.​

FlexAS - The object or cloud storage solution

FlexAS stands for Flexible Application Storage and offers a flexible, tailor-made provision of storage for a wide range of application areas. Use custom metadata to turn your data into valuable objects and use them for higher-value services such as B. prepare big data analytics.


Our promise of quality

  • TÜViT certified data centers in Germany
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified services
  • VMware Cloud Verified
  • VMware Zero Carbon Program
  • Rapid availability of IaaS and PaaS services
  • Proven, optimally tuned cloud stack
  • 24/7 infrastructure support

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Our Expertise for your Cloud Solution

Do you have any questions about our services or would you like personal advice? We are at your disposal for an individual solution.

AKQUINET Contact person - Nico Kibat - Sales department

Nico Kibat

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 173-4543

AKQUINET Contact person - Anne Noack - Sales department

Anne Nowack

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 173-4521

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