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Cloud Services with AKQUINET

Future-Proof, Scalable, and Individual

It has more than you think: your company can also benefit from all the advantages offered by a custom-tailored cloud solution from AKQUINET.

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Cloud Consulting & Services

From Cloud Strategy to Migration

We show you how you can benefit in and from the cloud in the future. You can find an overview of our portfolio and service modules here. We can address this information in greater detail in a personal meeting and quickly get an overview of the solutions that come into question for your company together.

By the way: AKQUINET also offers suitable on-premise services in your own corporate environment as a supplement to cloud solutions in our data centers.

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The Custom Private Cloud

AKQUINET’s cloud is as flexible as your company’s demands require. You manage the virtual data center completely and easily on your own using the self-service portal. The transparent detailed reporting gives you a statement that is exact to the day and concerns the resources you have actually used. Everything works out that way.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Return to Work Quickly with FlexDR

All your data is gone or blocked. What now?

If you use traditional data backups, it can often take days or weeks for all the systems to run again. Get protection not only from defense systems but also through quick restoration of your IT.

AKQUINET Cloud Portfolio

We Manage Your Cloud Securely and Flexibly

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Custom Cloud Migration

Cloud Strategy

  • Joint implementation of your cloud strategy
  • Virtualization and containerization
  • Setup support for DevOps
  • Expert support for infrastructure
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Microsoft 365

  • Experienced application management focusing on cloud features
  • Cloud only or as a hybrid environment – everything is possible
  • Coordination and documentation of service processes (if desired, as per ITIL)
  • Consulting for all phases of Microsoft 365 usage
  • 2nd-level support in German and English with consistent contact partners
  • Support for projects in Microsoft 365
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Microsoft Azure Cloud

AKQUINET Azure Services

Realize your visions with AKQUINET on Azure:

  • AMS on Azure
  • Azure Stack
  • Azure Automation
  • SAP on Azure
  • Managed Database on Azure
  • Managed Infrastructure as a Service on Azure
  • Managed Archive on Azure
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Microsoft Marketplace


At AKQUINET, we support you by providing services in all of the aspects that these new technologies entail.


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Cloud Connect

Megaport Platform – Secure & Flexible

As a Megaport Connected Partner, we make it possible for you to access more than 360 service providers using the Megaport platform, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and OracleCloud.

  • Extend your global reach: 120 cloud regions
  • Increase security: Megaport is private and secure
  • Maximize your flexibility: scalable bandwidth
  • Select the terms of the contract: flexible cloud usage
  • Benefit from quick provisioning: quick connections
  • Create connections between countries or continents: new markets and a multiregional network
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Kubernetes Management

The Modern Container Platform

Your company won’t attain optimal use of Kubernetes as a modern container platform by using a predefined “one size fits all” solution. Instead, you need to select the right infrastructure components, software, and services.

Our range of services:

  • Consulting for solution selection
  • Joint solution structuring
  • Transfer to regular operation
  • Regular operation

We are your partner when it comes to selecting the right components that suit your IT strategy.

Managed Cloud Services from AKQUINET

Managed Cloud Subscription

  • An easy way of taking the first step towards the cloud is having us support you as a cloud service provider.
  • We offer you a managed cloud subscription in Microsoft Cloud, Azure. That means you have one main contact partner.
  • If you opt for this service, we take over invoice support and rights assignment for your subscription for you, in addition to your support requests.

Managed IaaS

Managed Infrastructure as a Service

  • In the scope of managed infrastructure as a service, we take care of operating your infrastructure components for you.
  • Our certified experts find the right solution for you, whether you want us to take charge of everything or only some matters for you and your colleagues.

Managed PaaS

Managed Platform as a Service

  • As the platform for your application, you have selected PaaS in the cloud. That means the cloud provider supplies the resources for the infrastructure.
  • We function as an interface between your application’s development and your cloud provider.
  • We look forward to supporting your application operations.

Managed SaaS

Managed Software as a Service

Have you opted for software as a service? We offer professional support for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, for example. It includes the following matters and others:

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Update
  • Organization
  • Operation

Even if you want to take charge of parts of your business processes in the cloud, we are happy to help you migrate them to hybrid form.

Your Advantages with the Cloud


  • Operate your environments scalably and with high availability.


  • React flexibly to your business’s requirements.


  • Create cost transparency for your applications.

Find your cloud solution
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Our Expertise for your Cloud Solution

Do you have questions about our services, or do you want to arrange for personal consulting? We would be happy to provide you with a custom solution.

AKQUINET Contact person - Nico Kibat - Sales department

Nico Kibat

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 17 34 54-3

AKQUINET Contact person - Anne Noack - Sales department

Anne Nowack

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 17 34 52-1

Very easy to reach

Questions or requests? We look forward to getting in touch

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