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AKQUINET provides solutions for health care from a single source to make your journey into the digital future as easy as possible. Personal contact and quick, uncomplicated help are our hallmarks.

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HES - Our Health Services

We have been helping our customers on their individual journeys to digital health care for many years. You’ll be optimally prepared with our solutions. We take care of technology so you have more time for your patients.

Whether you need a solution in a clinic environment or practices, pharmacies or medical care centers, rehabilitation and care facilities, or for health insurance companies or athletics: we are happy to help you with our expertise.



Legislation stipulates usage of central telematics infrastructure and some special services like KIM.
That is our HES BASE. Learn more about your advantages with AKQUINET.

Man installs Koco Box connectors in a server cabinet of a data centre

Telematics Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS)

We Take Care of Infrastructure, You Take Care of Patients

  • Your TI connector is in our secure data center
  • Quick connection with TI2GO solution
  • Technical support and personal contact partners
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Securely Exchange E-Mails and Data

  • Send and receive KIM e-mails with unlimited data volume
  • Can be terminated on a monthly basis - no contract commitment
  • Includes communication with patients that complies with data privacy legislation via LifeTime
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Digital Chat via Telematics Infrastructure

  • Cross-provider and cross-sector chats for health care
  • Secure end-to-end encryption
  • Operation in German AKQUINET data centers



We have solutions for your individual digitalization challenges: HES OPT.
Learn more about your advantages with AKQUINET.

Reception area of a practice with medical staff, patient and doctors

Health Storage

Secure Data Backup for Health Care

  • The backup client stores your data in the data center
  • Highest level of data availability and failure safety
Young doctor at a desk with stethoscope around her neck working on the computer

ePA Client

Secure Access to Electronic Patient Files

  • Compact desktop application for Windows and MacOS
  • Application is independent of PVS
A woman sits at the reception desk in a doctor's office and works on the computer


Security Audits for Medical Practices

  • Audits as per CAP safety directive, §75b German Social Act Five
  • Individual consulting by our CAP-certified employees
A doctor holds a laptop with an X-ray on it. LifeTime Messenger Chat is seen on a cell phone.


Easy Communication with Patients

  • Messages and results can be sent in compliance with data privacy legislation
  • Integration into all common operating and practice systems
Female doctor in a white coat sitting at a desk and typing on a laptop

TI Middleware

Relief for software manufacturers with the telematics connection

  • Software-based interface to KIS and PVS systems
  • Greatly simplified and accelerated connection to the telematics infrastructure
White patient terminal with input field, RFID field for scanning the patient card and input stylus


TI-Capable Self-Service Terminals

  • Relief for clinic and reception staff
  • Additional services for patients
Doctor with a tablet in his hand stands in front of devices for blood purification


Analysis System for Kidney Replacement Therapy

  • Makes it possible to compare dialysis centers
  • Focuses on quality of treatment and documentation
Athlete with orange shirt jogging in the forest takes a look at his heart rate monitor


Intelligent Monitoring for Athletics and Rehabilitation

  • Optimum remote care for athletes and teams
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring updated daily
Doctor with face mask and goggles holds test tube with liquid in her hand

centralONE med

Object-Oriented Storage Infrastructure

  • Manage structured & unstructured mass data
  • Its modular structure adapts to your requirements
Exterior view of the AKQUINET data center Hamburg-Alsterdorf.


IT Outsourcing by AKQUINET

  • Transparency through fixed prices and consumption-based components
  • TÜViT certified, German data centres
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Our News

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Our Career Blog

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IT Expertise for Your Projects

Our solutions help you throughout your journey to the digital health care of the future. Personal contact, service-oriented mindset, and short reaction times.

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AKQUINET Contact - Dirk Aagaard - Managing Director

Dirk Aagaard

Consulting organisations, doctors, psychotherapists, pharmacies and medical care centres

AKQUINET Contact - Dr. Ralf Gieseke - Managing Director

Dr. Ralf Gieseke

Consulting clinics and hospitals

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