The inside of AKQUINET's data center in Hamburg-Alsterdorf.

Housing with AKQUINET

Highly Available & Efficient

Highest level of IT security, failsafe structures, and certified standards for operations: good arguments for the best decision.

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Secure data center capacity

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With your demands for an IT outsourcing partner, you expect above-average performance, scalable infrastructure, and maximum flexibility. That is why AKQUINET’s portfolio matches your requirements perfectly.

In our four failsafe, high-performance data centers, we can fulfill any demand, regardless of the hardware manufacturer and IT structure concerned. Our housing and managed hosting services at the data center locations in Hamburg and Norderstedt are certified as per ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

With AKQUINET, you always get a little more than you expect, from server, storage, and backup solutions to cloud concepts and big data applications with the highest security standards.

Complete Flexibility and Best Performance

Housing Services from AKQUINET

Benefit from our services, which we adapt precisely to suit your needs. Save the space, resources, and expenditure needed to set up and operate your IT infrastructure by using our energy-efficient and secure environment for your data.

  • 19” racks with up to 47 height units
  • Setup in cold aisle containment
  • Differentiation between network and server racks
  • Redundant power supply with up to 36 connections per PDU
The environmental seal for the AKQUINET co-location data center HAM 02.
A man sits at a rack checking data on a notebook.
A plant security employee at work in the Hamburg-Alsterdorf data center.
Server cabinets in AKQUINET's data center.

Our Professional Partners

Quality in All Components

When we promise the highest level of security and quality, that requires that we map your infrastructure with the most trusted and renowned partner companies and suppliers.

We rely on Vertiv as a supplier of high-quality racks and energy-efficient cold aisles. For structured cabling, we place our trust in Rosenberger OSI.

Your AKQUINET Housing Advantages


We provide data center spaces & building services infrastructure.


We provide dedicated racks for customer infrastructure.

Rack utility space

We offer rack utility space – upon request, for customers’ own racks.

Data placement plan

We give your data a secure home.

Locking system

We use security locking systems for individual racks.


We place value on access checks & regulations.

Supervision service

We’re at your side in the data center.

Storage management

We administer & manage your logistics.

Helping Hands

We give you 24/7 support for all housing issues.


Our Expertise for your Housing Solution

Do you have questions about our services, or do you want to arrange for personal consulting? We would be happy to provide you with a custom solution.

AKQUINET Contact person - Nico Kibat - Sales department

Nico Kibat

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 17 34 54-3

AKQUINET Contact person - Anne Noack - Sales department

Anne Nowack

Consulting Outsourcing

+49 40 88 17 34 52-1

Very easy to reach

Questions or requests? We look forward to getting in touch

akquinet GmbH
Werner-Otto-Straße 6
22179 Hamburg

+ 49 40 88 173-0


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