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centralONE med

Digital real-time platform for patient and research data

centralONE med is an object-oriented data management solution that has been equipped with a technological format change for long-term archiving and is capable of managing structured and unstructured mass data.


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centralONE med

The data platform of digitalisation

The modular design of centralONE includes tools for transfer (Datamover), structuring (VNA), viewing (Multifunction Viewer) and analysis (AI/AI components). For computationally intensive operations, we provide the perfect infrastructure for HPC and GPU applications (Servers/Networking/Solutions).

centralONE med offers cloud functionalities on premise, creates consolidation and contextual reference for your data and serves as a source of information for further processing and analysis. Workflows are supported and direct interaction with stored data and additionally acquired information is permitted. centralONE med, especially the DataMover, builds bridges between technologies and also provides HPC and GPU infrastructures with corresponding data, taking into account all role and authorisation models. centralONE med also has intelligent interfaces (REST API) and various connectors.

Security tools for the protection of user hardware, also in the home office, as well as backup and archiving modules for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) are also part of the solution scenario.

Our tools and cloud services

Vendor Neutral Archive

A Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is a medical application where images and documents are stored (archived) in a standard format with a standard interface so that they can be retrieved by other systems in a vendor neutral way.

We focus on two vendor-neutral VNA's from Vital and Hyland to free the hospital from data silos and proprietary formats. This reduces acquisition and administrative costs, makes the hospital independent of manufacturers, simplifies workflows and meets digitisation requirements.

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our tools and cloud services

Digital pathology

By using slide scanners, we are independent of manufacturers. With digital workflows, we relieve the organisation and the pathologist of administrative tasks. The pathologist can concentrate on his core competencies - supported by AI and state-of-the-art diagnostic viewers.

Our partner Indema advises pathological workflows at the international top level.

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Our tools and cloud services

Slide Scanner

These scanners convert glass slides into digital images. Digital images are a basic requirement for AI/KI in pathology and research & development.

Depending on the application (archiving, diagnostics, AI/KI or R&D), specially adapted devices (resolution, output format, scanning speed, magazine size) are required. We only use high-end devices in our projects.

We would be happy to support you with our know-how in your decision-making process.

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Therefore AKQUINET

IT services from a single source

At AKQUINET, we take a holistic view of digitalisation in the healthcare sector. This means that we offer all services and products relevant to the healthcare sector from a single source.

For example, "TI as a Service" or "KIM as a  Service". Completely independent of HIS and PVS manufacturers and with integrated added value such as KIM secure or LifeTime.

Personal and service-oriented

At AKQUINET, our customers and their individual requirements come first. Our contact persons therefore take care of your concerns personally and with short response times. Pragmatically and competently.

Do you have questions or special requirements for which there is no solution yet? Then please feel free to contact us.

Secure data centres

We operate all IT services in our TÜViT-certified German data centres. This is the best way to meet the high requirements for data protection, availability and reliability.

By the way: our data centres are particularly climate-friendly and have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label.

Stay informed about what is happening

eHealth Blog

We are following how digitalisation is picking up speed. Where are the biggest opportunities? How can the healthcare system grow together better through digitalisation? And how can people ultimately benefit, whether as patients, doctors or caregivers/assistants? We write about these topics in our eHealth blog.

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IT expertise for your projects

With our solutions, we support you on your way to the digital healthcare of the future. Personal in our dealings, service-oriented and with short response times.

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