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CargoWise One

Logistics Solution for a Global Industry

In-depth industry and system knowledge form the basis for our customers and us for the successful consulting and implementation of CargoWise One.

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CargoWise One

Logistics software for your supply chain

CargoWise One is a comprehensive enterprise software solution for all tasks of the global supply chain. Fundamental requirement and design criterion of the software is to increase the productivity along and within the logistics processes with CargoWise One.

As the largest certified WiseService Gold Partner on the European mainland, we support our globally operating customers to implement and utilize CargoWise One optimally.

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CargoWise One

Power BI

Do you already use CargoWise One and would like an even better overview of your data?

Are you tired of performing time-consuming analyses manually?

Do you want to access your figures quickly – even on the go?

In that case, a Power BI connection is exactly the right solution for you! Compared to the analyses provided by standard reports, Power BI offers you many benefits as well as quick implementation and customized adaption. Get in touch for a personalized offer.

Know-how at a glance

Know-how im Überblick

Accounting interfaces

Using our CargoWise2Accounting and Payments2CargoWise accounting interfaces, you can transfer accounting data between CargoWise One and your external accounting software (e.g. DATEV). Both products can be purchased and used separately. The combination of both products enables comprehensive data exchange between the systems.


Transfer of accounting transactions from CargoWise One to your external accounting system.



Import payment information from your accounting system in CargoWise One.

Connectors available from us






CargoWise One



With CargoWise2Accounting, your transactions are extracted from CargoWise One and imported subsequently into your accounting system. During the process, new transactions are called up by the CargoWise One web service and transformed into an output format that can be imported by your accounting system (SAP, NAV, Sage, DATEV, etc.).

Your Benefits with CargoWise2Accounting:

  • Automatic as well as manual data transfer
  • Efficient and effective synchronization from CargoWise One with your accounting software
  • Eliminate double entry of incoming and outgoing invoices through automated data retrieval
  • No inconsistent data between the two systems


Do you require invoice and credit memo (A/R and A/P) payment information from your external accounting system in CargoWise One also? With Payments2CargoWise, your payment information from your accounting system is synchronized with CargoWise One. Overview of invoices at the click of a button!

Your Benefits with Payments2CargoWise:

  • Current payment information is visible in CargoWise One
  • Automatic single or bulk importing of payment information
  • Manual transmission to individual transactions is enabled via an integrated user interface
  • Custom configuration of the user interface

We support you!

Are you already running CargoWise One or are about to do so? As CargoWise One experts, we offer you application support to resolve problems during regular operations as quickly as possible.

Even after the go-live phase, support cases may occur despite stabilized processes, sometimes severely affecting ongoing operations. We analyze these cases and provide solutions to help you quickly resume your workflow.

With the CargoWise One application support, we support you in keeping the disruption phases due to e.g. complex application processes or system errors as short as possible.

With the CargoWise One application support, we support you in keeping the disruption phases due to e.g. complex application processes or system errors as short as possible.

Your Benefits with CargoWise One Support

  • Standstills in the daily routine are quickly eliminated
  • Receive comprehensive solutions from CargoWise One experts
  • Flexible adjustment of ticket volume according to your needs
  • Transparency of ticket consumption by means of monthly reports

CargoWise One Support


Together, we will agree on a ticket contingent at a fixed monthly price. A ticket provides us with your details regarding your question or problem and access to your CargoWise One system. We process tickets promptly and provide you with a comprehensive solution. This will be delivered either by our level 1 or, if necessary, by our level 2 support.

If you require more tickets than the agreed monthly contingent, you can continue to open tickets in that month and receive support at a pre-determined ticket price.
At the end of each month, you receive a report regarding called-up tickets so that your ticket consumption is transparent at all times.

Explanatory graphic of how the support works: From ticket receipt to ticket closure.

CargoWise One Support


Choose one of the best-use contingents or arrange an individual contingent with us. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your ticket contingent on a quarterly basis and thus continuously adapt it to your needs.

420 /month
  • 6 Tickets
675 /month
  • 10 Tickets
975 /month
  • 15 Tickets
Upgrade Handling

We'll be happy to advise you!

In order to reduce the workload of your IT and specialist departments, and to minimize the internal time expenditure due to new updates for you as much as possible, we recommend our CargoWise One Upgrade Handling Service.

CargoWise One updates are available several times per year, offering new and improved system functionality.

New system versions need to be tested thoroughly in the live system before the upgrade in order to identify any possible effects on regular operations at an early stage and initiate appropriate measures if necessary. These tests must be carried out both on a technical basis and in terms of the business content, and are time-consuming.

In order to reduce the workload of your IT and specialist departments, and to minimize the internal time expenditure for you, we have developed “CargoWise One Upgrade Handling” so that your CargoWise One always remains up-to-date and you benefit from the advantages of the latest version as early as possible.

We run tests of your test scenarios for you and recommend suitable measures if action is required. After final approval, we perform the upgrade in your live system.

Your Benefits with CargoWise One Upgrade Handling

  • Reduce the workload of your employees
  • Comprehensive tests by CargoWise One experts
  • Be sure to always run the current version of CargoWise One
  • Avoid disruptions during regular operations in the event of system changes

CargoWise One Upgrade Handling

This is how it works

Graphic with the steps to the final approval: upgrade monitoring, upgrade of test system, pre-analysis, testing of test scearios, documentation of results, eventual coordination of next steps, upgrate of live system, and short test in live system.
Customs interfaces

High degree of automation

CargoWise2Customs enables an efficient and transparent customs declaration process by means of a high degree of automation.

Data already entered in CargoWise One and required for customs declarations are sent to Advantage Customs. After successful transmission of the customs declaration to ATLAS status information, customs documents, clearance data, etc. are sent back to CargoWise One automatically and allocated to the appropriate consignment.

Duplicate data entry is no longer required and you benefit from an efficient and automated customs declaration process!

Your Benefits with CargoWise2Customs

  • Automated transmission of customs-relevant data
  • High degree of automation of your entire customs declaration process
  • Significantly reduced manual effort
  • Minimize the risk of incorrect / inconsistent data


This is how it works

Graphic how CW2CUSTOMS works. 1. shipment entry. 2. declaration, origin, destination, voyage, vessel, packlines, ... 3. working on declaration. 4. response status, document, ....
Training sessions

With our best practice training for CargoWise One, we provide you with topic-related content from our practical experience for your practical use.

You have a great operational system – we will help you to use it optimally.

Whether they are super users or key users, end users, project staff, system administrators or operational support staff. We will train your team optimally.

Your Benefits

  • Moderate group size (8 - 10 participants)
  • Trainer with practical experience from the industry
  • Exchange experiences with participants from other companies
  • ...fun and enjoyment!

We train your team optimally!

CargoWise One

Training catalog


Participants learn the optimum use of the connection between CargoWise One and DAKOSY.


Document customizations in CargoWise One are diverse and useful – but also complex. We will show you a suitable process and teach you the necessary technical know-how.


Before CargoWise One is used, some settings are required at some places. We will show you the relevant settings and support your decisions.


Working in CargoWise One requires basic knowledge of the system. In this training, we will make participants “fit” for go-live.


Are you working in Purchase Order Management or would like to do so? We will show you the available functionality in best practice style.


Hinterland transports, pre- and post-processing has to be well organized. This module provides you with significant support. We show you how!


Warehouse management is a broad area which is supported in CargoWise One by a wide-ranging number of functions. We will show you end-to-end best practice approaches.


Processes support you in your work. The focus is often on quality, efficiency and speed. CargoWise One can support you here!

C4W Supply Chain

CargoWise One Network

With C4W SupplyChain, companies have access to 25 leading WiseService experts with a cumulative project experiences of over a hundred years. Our network functions here like a partner who understands the needs of the customer, and focuses on a fast, efficient and secure solution.

Olaf Zöftig
AKQUINET, the largest WiseService Gold Partner

Our new network C4W SupplyChain is open for further members. Our alliance runs along three principles: We support customers through cooperative collaboration. We share concepts, innovations and solutions. We are passionate about the freight forwarding industry.

Shane D'Aprile
OrangeLime Consulting and WiseService Platinum Partner

International CargoWise One Project Experience

Besides in-depth system knowledge and proven certifications, our employees have long-standing industry experience as well as international project and business experience with CargoWise One as well as its predecessor, ediEnterprise.

After go-live we support our customers with application support and further CargoWise One training.

Amongst others, since 2011 our employees have participated at SENATOR INTERNATIONAL in the project “New Transport Management System” – the global introduction of CargoWise One. Especially for implementations in Europe and Germany, we have found new solutions and provide integration with all important service providers.

SENATOR INTERNATIONAL is a reference customer of WiseTech Global for the successful implementation in Germany, as well as for the global deployment of the operational enterprise module.

Our CargoWise One Partners

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Our expertise of CargoWise One

We will accompany you during the implementation and deployment of CargoWise One all the way to increased productivity.

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