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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Business Solutions for Mid-Sized Companies

Optimizing business processes, evaluating and targeted monitoring of processes while easing the workload of your employees? This is enabled by the right Microsoft ERP and CRM system in conjunction with an experienced partner such as AKQUINET.

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The Smart Journey to Your Digital Future

Set new standards: Reduce your costs and increase your efficiency with digital connectivity in  your entire company. Connect people, data, and processes in your entire company with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a portfolio of intelligent business applications that help your users make smarter decisions, faster. The result: Increase of your value chain and improved customer satisfaction.

We will advise you which Dynamics 365 application is most suitable for your industry and business specifications. In this way you will reach every single customer.

The Right Solution for All Industries

AKQUINET 365 Industries Clouds

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales and Power BI which are already leading in ERP, CRM and BI systems across all industries. However, we turn these into much more: We bundle industry-specific apps, cloud services and  proven setup packages in the AKQUINET 365 Industries Clouds.

Unlike traditional, monolithic industry solutions, together with us you select a suitable app or cloud service per functionality according to your requirements, if the standard does not suffice. Should your requirements change over time, this service only will be exchanged.

In this way, you will benefit from the outset from your industry best practices and participate in continuous improvements, without dependence on further development of a single solution.

We take care of the smooth interaction of all cloud components in daily use. Thanks to the cloud technology, you will never have to worry about software updates and hardware failures again.


Digitalize your B2B and B2C business

With AKQUINET 365 for digital trade you benefit from a customer-centric, robust solution for your supply chain. Process your customer contacts across multiple sales channels and increase the satisfaction of your customers. Simultaneously, you can optimize your internal processes in merchandise management to stay ahead of the competition.

Some examples of the digital linking of purchasing, sales, warehouse and accounting:

  • Connection to web stores and with online marketplaces
  • Classic document exchange via EDIFACT
  • Use of scanners for all warehouse processes
  • Convenient inventory reservation system and container management


Transform your production processes

Optimization of all use cases during operation with one platform? AKQUINET C365 for manufacturing companies provides the solution to digitalize your manufacturing process from planning to feedback. Respond faster and more flexibly to customer requirements and ensure greater transparency in monitoring and optimizing your processes. This way, you always have an overview and less stress.

  • Planning boards
  • Modern PDA
  • Time recording
  • Scanner solutions


Manage your projects digitally

Fierce competition, intense pricing pressure and tight deadlines pose major challenges for all project service providers. Planning, management and monitoring has to run smoothly – from the first customer meeting to the end of the project – in order to meet customer expectations and put you into a leading position for the follow-up project.

Rely on professional project software to ensure the success of your projects. With AKQUINET C365 we provide you with the necessary tool for challenging service company projects.

  • Efficient project management
  • Acceleration of your processes
  • More cost transparency
  • Simple project monitoring

Standardized or Customized?

Together we will find your software solution

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Ready to run quickly & scaleable

Our extensive range of standard solutions can be used directly by your company without any major implementation effort. Many of our mid-sized customers appreciate our cost-transparent package solutions.

Our range of services:

  • Fixed price packaged services
  • Standard solutions & apps from Appsource
  • Knowledge Base & Self Service
  • Training
  • Support
  • Application Management
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Customized & Flexible for Every Requirement

Get a head-start on your market competitors! With our customized ERP/CRM solutions we offer you tailored software for your business. With plenty of scope for flexibility and customizability, we pave the way for you to smoothly meet local market needs.

Our range of services:

  • Business Consulting
  • Scoping workshops
  • Fit-Gap analyses
  • Development of Low Code via the Power Platform
  • Custom apps for Business Central

ERP Software Solutions

Dynamics 365 Business Central

This comprehensive business management solution is perfect for companies that have outgrown their basic accounting software. Business Central makes financial, sales, service and operations management easier and faster from day one.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is deeply integrated with Office 365. It is intuitive to use and helps your users make smarter decisions quickly.

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Sales Solutions

Sales & Marketing

Increase customer relationships, and upscale sales by empowering sales teams with actionable intelligence. Use Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales to connect sales teams and customers via their preferred communication channels.

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Data Management Solutions

Power BI

Regardless of where your data resides – on premise or in the cloud, or both. With Microsoft Power BI, you can connect all this data. Completely secure, because you decide who can access what data. Microsoft Power BI can be used on any device and in any browser.

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Revolutionize your data management

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive data management platform that takes compute (MS Fabric) and storage (OneLake) to a new level and follows the data mesh approach. Data Mesh makes it easy to structure large volumes of data. Data can be found more quickly, is generally accessible and secure.

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