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This area contains a selection of reference reports from the port sector, so you can draw your own conclusions about our experience and the satisfaction of our customers.

Learn about the variety of use cases directly from practical examples!

Customer References

The student report provided an excellent contribution to the design process of our stacking area.

> Success Story: Container terminal simulation as a digital supplement of teaching logisticians

— Tore Lundestad
CEO Port of Borg

We build our own simulation models to evaluate different operations modes such as rubber-tyred gantry crane (RTGC) vs rail-mounted gantry crane (RMGC) and automation modes like automated guided vehicle (AGV) vs automated straddle carrier (Auto-SC). These models are also used for terminal layout planning for civil engineering design and capacity planning.

> Success Story: Virtual World that optimises space and time

— Herman Chiu
General Manager, Terminal Development, Group Operations Hutchison Ports

It helped in the decision to decide equipmen combinations and equipment specifications that could meet the expected operating productivity in the layout design stage.

— Hoon Lee
Total Soft Bank

Built to last: Our container terminal in Klaipedos was TIL's first TOPS implementation. Meanwhile, we are already implementing our fourth project with RBS. At TIL we know TOPS as a functional, reliable and performing TOS that is ready for the far and the near future due to its exceptional software architecture and roadmap. A good ending requires a good beginning: Projects are won or lost at the beginning: I really appreciate the RBS project approach and last but not least the fast and accurate support service.

— W. D'Haeseleer
TIL Group

We - as Marport - have been using CHESSCON Capacity & Simulation tools since 2016. We are extremely satisfied with CHESSCON results which let us compare our future construction and extension plans. From the kick off meeting, ISL team always has positive approach to our various requests which were in connection with our terminal's design and circumstances. ISL team ist not only in a positive manner to our requests but also they are really flexible, prompt and solution oriented.

— Mesut Sen

We are using CHESSCON for our strategic planning for many years already. We have it integrated into our terminal development and decision taking process for any major terminal project – be it new equipment, terminal expansion or even new terminals.” He adds: “My team is doing most of the simulation ourselves and for complex cases and new items we can always count on the knowledge and experience from the CHESSCON team.

Success Story: CHESSCON ensures operational TOS planning and offers realistic training sessions


— Previn Govender

The AKQUINET has the necessary industry specific expertise and was able to narrow down our initially rather open-ended requirements quickly and in a focussed manner. Thanks to their experience with machine control projects and good project management, akquinet implemented the AMS within the schedule and on budget, to our complete satisfaction. The application is easy to operate and runs very safely. With the aid of this application we will be able to further expand our leading position for ALPs.

— Lars Meurling

The new LSTP integrated with the TOS was the last step in fully automating our gate processes and helped a lot increasing efficiency, safety and communication. The average truck handling times make Seayard probably the best performing terminal in France.

Success Story: Fully automated truck process at Seayard

— Maelle Jouanjean-Galidie

During a board meeting at the terminal, those in charge were asking why the go-live date for TOPS had been pushed back. No congestion of any note in the area, no angry calls from angry customers either. I was able to tell them that the go-live was taking place at precisely that moment. Preparations were so perfect and TOPS Advance worked so well that there were no delays or negative effects. Compared with the usual go-lives of TOS systems, this was truly remarkable.

Success Story: A TOS go-live at the container terminal and nobody even notices it …

— Didier Michaux

Success Stories Port logistics


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