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We are your partner in all aspects of your SAP systems – from the initial assessment consultation to the successful operation of your custom business booster solution.

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Success implies System. AKQUINET installs both.

The challenges of efficient digitalization that mid-sized companies in a wide range of industries are facing today often seem large and complex.

The opportunities to optimize one's own competitiveness and profitability with state-of-the-art solutions by automating system-supported process chains are just as large. Forget about the barriers to success – rely on us.

Here is an overview of the range of our services – from the initial assessment consultation to the successful operation of your customized business booster solution. If you have any other questions, plans or requests regarding SAP and success-enhancing digitalization, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Your SAP with AKQUINET – Trust is also an integral process.

With the right partner at your side, all digitalization project become less intimidating: AKQUINET always thinks from the perspective of the contracting company.

SAP S/4HANA Migration

Your journey to SAP S/4 HANA

Be it Greenfield (“all new”), Brownfield (integration of existing processes), Big Bang, upstream HANA migration, phased introduction, roll-out planning or implementation of SAP systems – we determine the best journey with and for you. Plus we travel together.

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Automation & Digitalization of SAP Processes

Data-driven Digitalization - More Time for Your Core Business

We work with you to identify the right levers so that you don’t have to press these manually in the future. Smart processes in all business areas, digital processes driving more success – this is what we do with passion and know-how.

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Master Data Governance

Agile Solutions for Data-driven Processes

Most companies are aware of their immense need to catch up on the digital transformation – often merely lacking pragmatic project implementation. This is mostly due to the same simple reason which is a basic prerequisite for automation and digitalization: the quality of the master data from all relevant areas is simply not good enough. Precisely this quality is the foundation for all further measures and developments.

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SAP Security & Compliance Services

Protecting SAP Systems Comprehensively

Complex systems require secure protection against cyber attacks from the inside and the outside. A security breach can have serious consequences for any company – we avoid these. Whether it is our proprietary developed software (SAST SUITE), a managed services solution or consultation with our experts in SAP security: the objective is all-round protection of your systems with real-time monitoring.

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SAP Application Management

Saving on Resources, Gaining on Security

The important link between constantly new requirements and permanent maintenance: be it new software versions, security updates or necessary transitions. AKQUINET will accompany and implement the individual structure entirely according to your requirements. Together with you, we will determine the framework, scope and availability.

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Business Consulting

From management sparring to business process consulting

Making the right decisions at the right time is extremely important in business life but very often not easy.

In addition to one's own experience and know-how, it is also useful and important to have a change of perspective when considering and exchanging ideas with others outside one's own sphere of influence.

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AKQUINET Data Centers

Secure Data Centers For Housing / Co-Location / Hosting & Cloud Solutions

AKQUINET runs 4 proprietary high-performance data centers. Hamburg Alsterdorf was the first data center in Germany to receive the Blue Angel award – we are proud to be able to call it carbon neutral. Outsourcing at all locations is not only sustainable, but also highly available, energy-efficient and absolutely secure.  

View of the entrance to the AKQUINET data center in Hamburg-Alsterdorf in Paul-Stritter-Weg.
The AKQUINET data center in Hamburg-Alsterdorf from the inside.


Some industries in which we feel "at home”

Public Administration

We are familiar with the requirements regarding eGovernment, smart administration and the digital evolution in the public sector.

Social Economy

Specialized processes in the social economy environment also require special and in-depth know-how regarding the special framework conditions. We have this.


Industrial processes must be consistently digitalized, integrated and automated. We support you in making your S/4HANA project the driving force.


The utilities sector is facing major challenges, which is why intelligent processes and high-quality master data are more important than ever. We support you in all areas of master data governance and the digitalization of business processes.

And much more:

All industries are subject to special regulatory requirements that need to be implemented operationally. Intelligent process automation, optimal master data and maintaining compliance conformity are the key elements here. WE KNOW HOW.

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