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Reaching your goal with the hybrid method

Physiotherapists and ergotherapists are their patients' partners in achieving individual therapy and health goals. We have developed an IT application that supports therapists and patients holistically on this common path.

AKQUINET VITAL enables a hybrid method for the best possible therapy: therapists and patients can monitor and accompany the performance of exercises not only in the practice rooms, but also at home. The application records and transmits all relevant vital values as well as daily and location-independent feedback from patients.

The patient can use the application to ask questions about exercises and take photos and videos. Vital data such as heart rate, etc. are stored via a wearable device (e.g. sports watch).

The patient releases this data for his therapist and can communicate with him directly via the protected application.

AKQUINET VITAL provides therapists with insight into the essential vital parameters and a digital training book for the patient is created. Training data, number of repetitions, changes in physical performance and other important parameters such as body weight, sleep behaviour and pain perception can be observed and optimised in the long term. This method thus offers the opportunity to provide patients with holistic care through classical treatment, thus increasing and accelerating the success of therapy.

Advantages for therapists:

  • Higher chances of success due to more intensive treatment periods
  • Increased patient satisfaction through remote care
  • The patient of today becomes the customer of tomorrow

Advantages for patients:

  • Faster and better therapy success through hybrid method
  • Timely and location-independent communication with the therapist

At AKQUINET VITAL, the health file is also the "technical data basis" for efficiency and successful communication.

X-rays, medical reports, diagnoses and other relevant information are available to the therapists for a comprehensive anamnesis. In this way, objectives and treatment plans can be optimally created. All information during treatment, including vital values and treatment reports, as well as medications are stored in the health record. In this way, the attending physician receives a corresponding overview of the measures and progress of the therapy.

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