SAP Test Data Best Practices

Accelerate 2019, Vienna

Meet Dennis Kallies from AKQUINET with a talk on the subject: ": SAP Test Data Best Practices" (14.11.2019, 15:45 – 16:15)

SAP doesn't have the master data, customizing and other settings of your individual system, so they cannot test the behavior and results of different data in your system.

Testing an ERP is all about the test data. The testing dimension of individual software is spread over code, system functionalities and processes. The processes and code in SAP are often similar so that testing must be focused on functional requirements with as much test data as possible. Besides that is an impact of a bug often fatal for the system and the company. I describe the best practice in test preparation and test automation for SAP systems and give some insights in efficient solutions with TOSCA.

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