Worldwide Network Of CargoWise Experts Founded

Indipendent „C4W SupplyChain“ with AKQUINET and OrangeLime as Partners

CargoWise One is the worldwide leading integrated management platform for all supply chain processes in the logistics industries and for freight forwarders. Now, two WiseService partner companies AKQUINET and OrangeLime announce their new network C4W SupplyChain (Connection for Worldwide Supply Chain). Within this network they bundle their know-how and grown experiences in IT, supply chain management and the platform CargoWise One. The new network was firstly announced at the WiseService Partner Conference in November 2018 in Sydney. Now the steering partners started their network C4W SupplyChain under their motto “Success Through Expert Collaboration”.

A strong partner especially for worldwide acting logistic organisations
Especially for worldwide operating organisations the new C4W SupplyChain offers tailoring solutions to meet the client’s desired outcomes. „With C4W SupplyChain the WiseTech Global's clients have access to 25 leading WiseService experts worldwide with an accumulated project experience of over hundred years. Our network acts as one partner who is able to understand the customers needs and focused on delivering quick, efficient and secure solutions“, explains Olaf Zöftig, CEO at AKQUINET, the biggest WiseService Gold Partner.

Shane D’Aprile, OrangeLime Consulting and WiseService Platinum Partner: “Our new network C4W SupplyChain is open for new members. We have three principles in our alliance: We support clients through co-operative collaboration. We share concepts, innovations and solutions. We are passionate about the forwarding industry.”

OrangeLime Consulting – WiseService Platinum Partner

OrangeLime Consulting views effective use of technology as a critical success factor in modern day business. Our specialists are from the logistics and supply chain management arenas. They have successfully set up and run 3PL sites, transport operations and international freight forwarding operations on WiseTech Global's ediEnterprise software platform and now offer this expertise to new and current CargoWise clients.

Our staff are well versed in tailoring solutions to meet our client’s desired outcomes in training, consulting and business process re-engineering. We believe that ediEnterprise can enable a competitive advantage for WiseTech Global's clients.

Our core competencies include Warehouse (3PL) management, Transport, Freight Forwarding, Accounting, Workflow, and DocManager alongside the backbone of system set up, registry configurations and edi communications.


AKQUINET – WiseService Gold Partner

akquinet AG was founded in 2002 and after continuous growth has more than 800 employees. akquinet business consulting GmbH was founded in 2008. Today 16 employees focus on consulting, ports and logistics, project management and business process design and optimisation.

akquinet business consulting GmbH is member of akquinet AG, a group of companies covering a wide range of IT services. akquinet business consulting GmbH also provides Java and .Net technology solutions for web service development, HTML design, and mobile app development for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.



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