akquinet and Hyland Healthcare partner to provide vendor neutral platform for the full spectrum of healthcare imaging

HIMSS Europe 11.-13.6.2019

Hamburg / Helsinki (Finland). At HIMSS Europe from 11.-13. June 2019 in Helsinki, Hyland Healthcare and akquinet will jointly present a vendor neutral data platform for the management of patient images for the healthcare sector, including pathology, radiology and mamommograpy. The solution consists of the vendor neutral archive platform, Acuo, and  the zero footprint clinical viewer, NilRead from Hyland Healthcare along with IT services from Akquinet– including design, installation and commissioning. To operate the solution, complementary and optional certified data centers in Germany, provided through akquinet, can be used for the secure and highly available provision of data.

Data Neutrality - Data Security - Zero Footprint Technology
"With our approach, clinics and other medical institutions can build, secure and future proof their digitization strategies. This will allow for the secure access and management of clinical data across their organizations. The clinical teams will be able to easily view and evaluate current examination documents. Thus releasing more time for patient care. The source of where the clinical videos, images or documents originate, no longer is important, "says Thomas Ultsch, Senior Management, Healthcare Division at akquinet. "With our Enterprise wide approach, it is much easier to harness , manage, access and analyze large data volumes. The foundation for this is data neutrality and anonymity, if needed. As well as the highest level of data security combined with a zero-footprint viewing approach.

The goal of the akquinet -Hyland collaboration is to help healthcare organizations consolidate and centrally manage disparate images. With Hyland’s enterprise imaging solutions, organisations capture, manage, view and share all imaging-related content while providing data security, reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care.

Scalable object storage technology
The Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is an intelligent storage layer that provides standards-based access to supporting images and documents – including XDS – regardless of viewing application. It also gives you independence from vendor-specific, proprietary data formats and lets you select interchangeable viewing, and workflow management components without having to migrate, convert or change data.

Using Hyland’s Acuo VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) and NilRead zero footprint clinical viewer akquinet provides  a universal, vendor-independent platform for accessing a full range of enterprise imaging  data, wherever it resides, NilRead is a multi-specialty, zero-footprint, clinically diagnostic and CE marked enterprise viewer.

NilRead allows the clinician to perform the specific image interpretation within a defined workflow according to individual requirements and is able to view samples from multiple sources .
Advantages of the storage technology and the application platform offer better availability of the information, but also in an immensely scalable  solution: The object-oriented storage solution is much more efficient than the administration in previous systems which use partially proprietary file formats. Hospitals can use object storage technology as another pillar of data management, both on-premise and in a hybrid private cloud solution in Akquinet data centers based in Germany.

Information about HIMMS Europe: https://www.himsseuropeconference.eu/helsinki/2019

About akquinet AG
Akquinet AG is an international, continuously growing IT consulting company headquartered in Hamburg. Currently employing more than 800 specialists with extensive knowledge in future-oriented technologies. The company specializes in the introduction of ERP systems and the custom development of software solutions in the areas of Java, SAP and Microsoft. Akquinet has many years of industry expertise and certified solutions, especially in mechanical and plant engineering, trade fair construction, the insurance sector, the public sector and logistics. In four high-performance data centers in Hamburg, Norderstedt and Itzehoe, akquinet operates outsourcing IT systems for companies of all sizes. The Twin Datacenter meets the standards TÜV IT TSI 4.1 and EN50600. The IT provider realizes cross-location projects via branches in Germany and Austria.

About Hyland Healthcare
Hyland Healthcare provides connected healthcare solutions that harness unstructured content at all corners of the enterprise and link it to core clinical and business applications such as electronic medical records (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Hyland Healthcare is the only technology partner that offers a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools, bringing documents, medical images and other clinically rich data to the healthcare stakeholders that need it most. This comprehensive view of patient information accelerates business processes, streamlines clinical workflows and improves clinical decision making. For more information, visit hylandhealthcare.com.

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