Process- and TOS Optimization

Implementation Port and Terminal Projects

Our team of experts has a long history of implementing different solution at ports and terminals. Our approach is to support you in the complete project lifecycle from project setup until the closing of the project. Our experts will add project management skills , industry knowledge and IT expertise to the team. Among managing to project and implementing the solutions, we see our expertise as trouble solving exercise in your projects.

Infrastructure Implementation

Based on the business and process requirements in your port or terminal, we can rollout your IT infrastructure. We will design the best solution based on the requirements and can combine this with services coming from your high-security data centre. Implementing further port and terminal infrastructure from equipment to technology such as PDS solution , we will work with our partner network to support your project. Also we are able to deliver out-of-the-box data centre solutions globally with our custom made DCONS solutions.

IT Solutions Implementation

From drawing the IT application landscape to implementing these solution, it can be a long path. We have been implementing various solutions used in the port and terminal industry from port systems, to TOS solutions and individual solutions. We have supported many ports and terminals globally as well as delivering solutions to liners. And if you already selected a solution, we will help you implementing the project along your requirements.

Port and Terminal Data Centre Solutions (DConS)

With the AKQUINET group we are combining our industry and project experience with high-tech solutions for your project. So if you have trouble getting your IT infrastructure in place due to delay? Our DCON data centre container solution can solve your problem very flexible and fit to your purpose. The solution can be delivered globally and fit to your requirements.

Project Management

Our project management team has a long history of project in the port and terminal industry. We are constantly improving our team with methodology workshops along the IPMA standards as well as project leadership challenging the project management team with the fact of being a manager in distributed and multi-cultural teams.

Port and Terminal Startup

After the implementation of IT systems, organisation and processes, the actual startup of the terminal is one of the most challenging processes in the life-cycle. It is usually where the new setup with the IT and processes needs to play together with the organisation and infrastructure. Now the 24/7 operations starts and puts pressure on all elements. We are helping our clients from two sides, the actual project and project management support in such a phase as well as the support on IT, training and process support.

IT and System

We can support the ports and terminals in this pressure phase to run and operate the IT with expert know-how on different levels. Our team is ready to support the local terminal team in running and operating the new IT systems and the new infrastructure. We usually handle this with a mix of people on-site and people supporting remote with particular expertise from data base management (e.g. Oracle), to networks and required servers.


The process start-up usually is accompanied with training in the processes itself and the process related IT system. Our team can support the local team in these tasks especially when it comes to connecting IT systems with processes.

Operations and Optimization

IT Review / Audit

Aa a IT provider running high-security data centres ourselves, we are helping customers to review the IT landscape in place. This is a current state analysis for IT focusing on today's challenges being a vital part of the supply chain. In our IT audits we can focus on the IT landscape and the actual IT operations to find the pitfalls in the current IT setup. Often we find an environment that has grown of years, if not decades and that needs a certain review with a focus on today's opportunity and threads in port and terminal IT.

Process Monitoring

As part of the processes monitoring, it is important to dive into the data that is available. We believe that your operational processes can be best monitored with a set of data to be measured. So designing your companies KPIs along the process is vital to judge your processes and the level they are running at. These indicators need to be dynamic and multi-dimensional to give the right feedback on the process. We believe that process monitoring, data analytics and prediction these days need to go hand in hand to develop a good view on the processes the company runs on.

Process Optimization

When optimizing process we support ports and terminals in different ways. The decision taking process on planning an operations in terminal can be improved using simulation and emulation solution such as CHESSCON. This will help you to answer the typical “what if" question during your processes. Integrating a simulation solution into your planning process will already help improving the process output. Also adding to your process monitoring a good set of prediction with CHESSCON Shift Preview, will help improving terminal's efficiency. And as man is mainly thinking in pictures instead of tables and figures, a 3D visualisation of the current situation on the yard by CHESSCON Yard View will help them understanding better the next actions required - especially for small and medium sized terminals. But not only implementing new technology and solutions will help improving the processes, often we see that an external view on long-time running and operated processes, gives a good perspective on the possible short-comings and bottlenecks in a process.

Port and Terminal Training

Besides a suitable equipment fleet and proper processes the efficiency of a terminal is mainly driven by the terminal staff controlling the whole operation. Starting with a training of terminal operation basics, proceeding with TOS related functions we also provide trainings on operational intelligence to set your staff into the position to become grandmasters of terminal operation.

Our experts may train your staff to find the best decision in every situation. This training is not only based on the wide experience of our trainers, it is als supported by simulation based concepts. Furthermore CHESSCON Virtual Terminal enables your staff to re-run bad shifts to find better decisions for the next time and CHESSCON Shift Preview allows them to analyse the future operation using a digital twin. This enables them to act pro-active instead of waiting for bottlenecks and re-acting on them only.

IT operations Training

  • Operating your IT environment
  • IT processes implementation training

General Port and Shipping Training

Terminal simulation training

TOS and Port Management Training

  • TOS training
  • Advanced simulation TOS training


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