Social responsibility We are committed to you.

Since the foundation of AKQUINET in 2002, our headquarters has been located on the grounds of the Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf in Hamburg. Together with the foundation we have founded a non-profit organization and 40% of those working there are people with disabilities. To offer these people a qualified job in the long term is the heartfelt wish of our management, initiated by the founders of AKQUINET Norbert Frank and Klaus-Dieter Gerken.


Meanwhile, this idea has been extended to the entire company. We want to take this as a role model and demonstrate to society that it is self-evident for us to employ people with disabilities.

There is a reason why AKQUINET does stands out for its helpful and open corporate culture - age, background or handicap are not what counts at AKQUINET. Find out more about our commitment to professional inclusion here.

As a member of the Förderkreis der Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf, we also support the foundation's various institutions and financially and gladly award contracts to the workshops. We have established a special relationship with the artists of the Atelier Lichtzeichen, whose large-format pictures adorn our offices throughout Germany.

Eine Frau vom Atelier Lichtzeichen malt Bürobilder für AKQUINET. Durch Leasing der Bilder ist AKQUINET sozial aktiv.

Health and well-being

A responsible and appreciative performance culture is very important to us. If possible, we allow maximum flexibility in terms of working hours and location, so that individual wishes can be taken into account. And since we care about our health as well, we also offer mental health training, in addition to our vitamin-rich fruit baskets, time management and conflict resolution. In addition, we want to encourage more participation in sports and exercise. In addition to our corporate sports programs for badminton, football and volleyball, we have developed a passion for running. Find out more here.

Professional orientation

We also see our social responsibility as a successful IT company in the promotion of the younger generation. Through internships and programs such as mint: pink and the Boys' or Girls' Day, we would like to offer schoolchildren the opportunity to get a taste of working life even before they graduate. In addition, we assist interested pupils and teachers in the context of school visits on the subject of application with help and advice.

Ecological awareness

We have set ourselves a goal to contribute to environmental preservation and climate protection. It begins in everyday life with a more conscious handling of light and water. In addition, we support the use of public transport in Hamburg as well as cycling through our bicycle leasing offer with an above-average financial subsidy. We are particularly proud of one of our four specially built data centers in Hamburg Alsterdorf, as we use the waste heat from our servers to heat the integrative gymnasium of the Bugenhagenschule.



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