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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sounds important, and it is.

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In the Community and for Society

At AKQUINET we live responsibility for sustainable economic activity. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, or CSR for short, designates the standard that determines our actions, decisions, and business orientation.
We comply with the applicable provisions and laws in the countries where we do business as a company.

Aerial view of the new AKQUINET house in Werner-Otto-Straße-6 in Hamburg-Bramfeld.
Award ecovadis Sustainability 2022 - AKQUINET

Social Responsibility

AKQUINET as an Employer

  • We stand for integration, inclusion, and equality.
  • We guarantee occupational safety and health protection.
  • We give our employees the chance to work location independently.
  • We offer an occupational pension scheme and supplementary health insurance, as well as up to 10 days of continuing education.
  • We take compliance and data privacy very seriously.
  • We stand for compatibility of family and work


Zero Carbon Committed

As a VMware Zero Carbon Committed Partner, we have set ourselves the goal of using 100% green energy, which is to say, natural power from renewable energy sources. The energy our power providers supply comes from the energy sources wind and water power, solar radiation, biomass, and geothermics. AKQUINET is one of only a few partners around the world that has committed to operating its cloud data center with 100% green energy by 2030.

Graphic on AKQUINET's Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines for the areas: Social, Ecological and Economic.
An employee of AKQUINET works with the help of a screen magnifier at a digital workplace due to his visual impairment.

Professional Inclusion

Because we Don’t see Handicaps as Disabilities

Since AKQUINET was founded in 2002, our main office has been on the premises of the evangelical foundation Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf in Hamburg. Together we have founded a non-profit company where more than 40% of the people employed have disabilities. At the end of 2019, we were honored with Hamburg Senate’s Inklusionspreis (inclusion award). This award has strongly encouraged us to pursue our mission of actively further developing inclusion of people with handicaps at the company.

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Global Sustainability

Guiding Principle for the World

CSR is part of our corporate strategy and encompasses responsibility for the environment, climate, and society. Our guiding principles are based on the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. We are committed to acting in a climate- and resource-friendly manner in order to contribute to global sustainability.

Colorful sails in the various AKQUINET colors.
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Economic Responsibility

Our most Sustainable Location has Gotten Wings

AKQUINET’s data center in Hamburg is the first German data center that has the honor of bearing the “Blue Angel” eco-label’s new designation “Climate-Friendly Co-Location Data Centers.” In co-location data centers, the data center spaces are provided to customers for operation of information technology as a service.

  • Further product portfolio development (e.g. AKQUINET Cloud)
  • Competitive edge and solid growth
  • Secure jobs
  • Cost-covering economic activity
  • Responsible handling of finances
  • Twin data center certified by TÜViT TSI 4.2 and EN50600
Exterior view of the AKQUINET data center Hamburg-Alsterdorf.
View of server cabinets in AKQUINET's HAM 02 data center.

Ecological Responsibility

Green Energy – Always with new Ideas

AKQUINET is one of only a few VMWare partners around the world that has committed to operating its cloud data center with 100% green energy by 2030 and is thus zero carbon committed. We comply with the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) policies at our data centers. The building ground of our data centers is used both economically and ecologically sensibly, for example, by incorporating superstructures that can be used for social purposes (integrative gym, training and continuing education centers for people with handicaps). Certified by TÜViT 4.2, EN 50600, and ISO 27011.

  • Responsible treatment of resources like light and water
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Recycling (reusable material cycle)
  • Efficiency of the systems used
  • Vehicle fleet policy (e-mobility, company bike leasing model)
  • Subsidy for public transport
  • Using the thermal discharge produced by our data center to heat Bugenhagenschule gym
  • Data center operation with 100% green energy

AKQUINET's Code of Conduct

Our basis of cooperation

Trustful cooperation, flexible action and social responsibility, these are AKQUINET's values for human interaction.

Ethical behavior is an integral part of our corporate culture and an important prerequisite for the sustainable safeguarding of our entrepreneurial success.

We have summarized these values, which are already lived and anchored in the company, in our "Code of Conduct" for a common understanding. It also defines the principles of our cooperation with each other and with customers and business partners on these topics:

  • Legal and regulatory conduct
  • Social responsibility
  • Ecology and economy
  • Corruption/competition and antitrust law
AKQUINET Headquarter in Hamburg Bramfeld

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