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SAP Services from AKQUINET

Already in the planning phase or still weighing things up?

It's time to consider SAP software for your business. If you’re not already doing so, you’d better get a move on. But which direction is your company heading in - cloud or hybrid?

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Manage your SAP systems efficiently

Discover which SAP solutions are available to you and which are the smartest choices for your modern business. We’ll take you by the hand and support you with our wide range of SAP services. Together, we’ll find the right system landscape for you - whatever solution is best for you!

Running SAP systems can quickly become a demanding and labor-intensive task. There is often a lack of internal resources to ensure smooth operations and drive innovation. Our SAP Managed Services offer you a professional solution to optimize the use of your resources.

As your partner, we can ensure the smooth, reliable, and secure operation of your SAP applications.

To cover the entire value chain for you, we offer you everything from a single source: from intensive and individual consulting and implementation to migration and support for all managed services for your applications.


Cloud Services from the AKQUINET Cloud Crew

Whether private, public or hybrid, the AKQUINET Cloud Crew is familiar with every approach. Our extensive portfolio of scalable solutions meets every individual requirement with future-proof and high-performance concepts. For each cloud transformation, our experts examine the project from all angles to identify the best SAP services.

In addition to the requirements of the solution, the budget is always at the forefront because when we say we look at it from all angles, we also mean we look at the economic factors from your viewpoint.

Cloud Services
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Housing with AKQUINET

Simple, carefree: Cooling, power supply, security, and IT services – we take care of the technical operation of your facilities. Under our roof if you so wish. No matter which housing solution suits you best: In our four TÜViT-certified data centers, we can meet all your infrastructure requirements, from individual racks to entire rooms, and enable your SAP solutions.

If you have high expectations of an IT outsourcing partner, AKQUINET is the right choice for you. We have the necessary experience to be your service provider! Benefit from exceptional performance, scalable infrastructure, and maximum flexibility, and start your SAP operations with AKQUINET's housing.

Visit Housing
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Managed Cloud Services by AKQUINET

We can help you with every step of your business transformation, including cloud management as well.
Depending on your internal resources and the experience you bring, we can support you with our different packages.
You can decide whether you want us to act just as your support cloud service partner, take over your IT infrastructure, or even actively support you in working with SAP systems.

We are exactly the partner you need!

Managed Cloud Subscription

  • As a straightforward option as you dip your toe into the cloud, we can support you as a cloud service provider.
  • We offer you a Managed Cloud Subscription in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This provides you with a single point contact, and as part of this service, we take care of the billing and permissions for your subscription, as well as your support requests.

Managed IaaS

Managed Infrastructure as a Service

  • Within the scope of Managed Infrastructure as a Service, we take over the operation of your infrastructure components.
  • Whether we take over some or all of your colleagues’ tasks, we’ll find the right service for you with our certified experts.

Managed PaaS

Managed Platform as a Service

  • You have chosen PaaS in the cloud as the platform for your application - this means the cloud provider provides the infrastructure resources.
  • We act as the interface between your application and your cloud provider.
  • As part of our SAP consulting services, we are pleased to support you with your application operations.

Managed SaaS

Managed Software as a Service

For example, we offer professional support for Dynamics 365 and the entire Microsoft 365 suite:

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Update
  • Organization
  • Operation

Whether you want to move some or all of your business processes to the cloud, we can help you make the transition to a hybrid environment.

What AKQUINET Can Offer You

The potential of AKQUINET is huge and we’re always there to support you as an SAP component in operation.
Our services are divided into different service packages.

Together, we’ll find the right solutions for your project.

Business Process Analysis

Together, we’ll analyze your processes and create transparency and a roadmap that fits your business.

Our many years of experience in management and process consulting provide the basis for a customized path.

Defining Requirements

We’ll work with you to clarify the specific requirements of your business. What functionalities are needed for automation and digitalization within the framework of SAP services? Are there any industry-specific requirements? What is the security relevance of your applications? The requirements are analyzed in detail and prioritized.

We’ll then be ready to take the next step with you.

Integration with the Existing IT Landscape

How will the SAP solution integrate with your existing IT infrastructure? We consider compatibility with existing systems and databases, as well as the need to update interfaces.

Usability and Training

Not only do we help you plan and implement the right solution, we also provide the necessary training for your employees to ensure efficient use of the system. To ensure the success of SAP services in your company, we focus not only on the implementation, but also on making sure the systems work.

Support and Maintenance

We offer a range of support and maintenance options.

AKQUINET can provide both: Application management and operation services. We solve all problems quickly and reliably. Let us advise you on which service is best for your project.

Scalability and Flexibility

AKQUINET offers you highly flexible and quickly scalable cloud solutions, as well as suitable hosting services that provide a high degree of flexibility. Let our consultants make the right suggestions for you. Where is the growth and change in your business?
We create a solution that can be easily scaled to meet changing business needs.

FAQs -SAP-Consulting-&-Services

What you should also know.

How does AKQUINET support me in implementing SAP software?

AKQUINET provides scalable IT services for every budget to efficiently implement your SAP software. Our experts conduct workshops, analyze your existing processes, and develop tailored concepts for implementation.

We support you at every step – from the fit-gap analysis to realization and go-live. Benefit from our comprehensive range of managed IT services, hosting, and cloud solutions tailored to your needs. With AKQUINET, you not only save capacity and costs, but also gain valuable time and freedom for your core business. We offer you planning security and flexibility, supported by our expertise and best practices according to ITIL V3. Our certified SAP services and TÜViT-certified data centers guarantee the highest standards and security for your SAP solutions.

What prerequisites does my company need for cloud implementation?

For successful cloud implementation, your company needs clearly defined business goals, an analysis of the existing IT infrastructure, adherence to data security and compliance requirements, technical expertise (internally or through partners), effective change management, and a robust network infrastructure. These factors are crucial for smooth migration and efficient operation.

What costs are associated with implementation and operation?

The exact costs for the introduction and operation of SAP systems can only be determined after a detailed analysis. This analysis considers the selection of suitable SAP modules, the scope of necessary adjustments, and the specific needs of your company. Factors such as the size of your company, the complexity of your business processes, the chosen infrastructure (cloud, hybrid, or on-premise), and the required support and maintenance scope play a crucial role in the cost calculation.

How is system performance and scalability ensured?

System performance and scalability are ensured through careful planning and continuous optimization. We start with a thorough analysis of your business requirements to configure a suitable SAP solution that is both powerful and scalable. Our experts continuously monitor system performance and dynamically adjust resources to effectively handle peak loads and ensure consistent high performance. Additionally, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to ensure that your SAP system can flexibly respond to growth and changes in your business.

Which cloud platform is best suited?

The choice of the right cloud platform for SAP depends on your specific requirements. Key factors include compatibility with SAP, scalability, security standards, costs, and existing IT infrastructure. A careful evaluation of these aspects helps determine the optimal platform for your business.

What does the migration plan look like?

An effective migration plan for SAP systems includes thorough preparation, detailed planning, comprehensive testing, careful execution of the migration, and final review. This process involves analyzing current systems, defining migration goals, risk management, test migrations to identify and address issues, actual data migration, as well as final user training and system checks.

How is integration with existing systems carried out?

For integrating SAP into existing systems, an analysis of the IT landscape is required initially. The integration plan considers data migration, interfaces, networking, and security to ensure seamless integration.


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