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The Digital Workplace – Less Work, More Flow

The best solution for digital working is no longer written in the stars. It’s in the cloud. When are you going to make your work easier?

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Simplify processes, comply with standards, avoid sources of error, save time, and avoid stress. Intuitive and transparent for all users, ServiceNow provides a clear advantage: unrivaled usability – previously complex processes become clear, standardized cross-industry and cross-department workflows.

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ONE Platform for Everything and Everyone

Scalable Added Value for All Areas

Agile and dynamic processes

Individual content based on needs

Digitalization and simplification of workflows

Maximum flexibility, zero complexity, absolute reliability

Seamless system integration that is compatible with interfaces

Stable and secure cloud services, 100% conformity with the GDPR

Industry Examples

ServiceNow solutions for every industry

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Public Administration

Digital citizen services of the future

Centralized transparency, automated processes, and a digital experience for citizens, these are the goals of Public Administration in Germany.

ServiceNow offers the perfect solutions for these goals by creating transparency for official processes with the centralized NowPlatform. A standardized data structure and a range of tools enable end-to-end automation of work processes, creating a first-class user experience.

Easily find and query information and government services. With one of the most up-to-date IT platforms and optional hosting in the highly secure and multiple award-winning AKQUINET data centers, all requirements for data protection, statutory requirements and compliance guidelines can be met and nothing stands in the way of digitalization.

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Digital Higher Education

Modern higher education processes

Higher education institutes represent research, study, teaching and innovation. To ensure that the focus can be on these areas, it is important that the administration and organization of higher education institutes run seamlessly and efficiently.

ServiceNow is the perfect solution for higher education institutes to digitalize their work processes and for integrated mapping of the processes within a higher education institute. The appointment process for higher education institutes is a good example. Even today, this is often still a manual process which must be addressed by different organizational units. With ServiceNow it can become a digital and automated process which provides clear information at any time and thus speeds up work processes.

This is just one example of many and other application areas are, for example, student management, the student portal or room booking.

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Focus on the well-being of patients

The focus of Health Care is on the well-being of people. ServiceNow supports medical staff focusing on this core area of work. The goals are simple and quick processes, integrated teams and specialist departments, integration and continuously transparent interaction of systems, and a permanent 360-degree view of patients.

Seamless processes in technology create valuable time for caring for patients. Simple examples include device management in radiology, which ensures the best-possible utilization, and seamless processes, even in the case of breakdown.
Or the display of a patient portal to give patients a digital and simple entry point to health care provision, e.g. when already on the way, or when looking for a room.

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Industry & Production

Digital workflows in real time

The networking of systems and machines and continuously running processes are the goals of companies in industry. These are often based on complex IT structures and many different applications and processes. With the NowPlatform, ServiceNow offers the perfect opportunity for industry to continue to use existing and specially created solutions, but to merge these together in one consolidated platform.

This results in an integrated overview of all systems, devices, and machines. The automation of work processes can be controlled via workflows and the status can be monitored in real time at any time and in any place. In particular, ServiceNow provides a solution for industry to quickly restore a normal state in the case of a breakdown, as all necessary information is available at all times and work processes are standardized and digitally controlled.

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Successful customer management

The ability to query information at any time, to incorporate data from meetings or contact data so that it is ready after a certain period of time, and to have a constant overview of the existing portfolio of services – these are just some of the challenges faced by sales departments in the digital age.

Companies who use ServiceNow can also use it to provide support for their Sales departments. Supporting processes, for example, ordering materials or booking travel can thus also be offered as a digital service which Sales personnel can use, from any location and from any end device. In the Sales process too, support is also provided through the provision of all necessary data in a simple view, and Sales personnel can add to this data at any time and from any location, for example, via a smartphone on the train.

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Energy- & Utility Companies

Better service with the ServicePortal

Data is particularly important in the Energy and Utilities sectors. Many calculations are based on statistics and values which are constantly fluctuating. At the same time, these companies provide services to their customers. In this case, ServiceNow with the Now Platform provides a solution for integrating existing systems, and thus existing data structures, in a central platform so that an integrated overview of all necessary information is available at all times - beyond the limits of IT systems.

At the same time, ServiceNow with the ServicePortal provides a central portal for orders, queries and communication of all kinds.

Overview of ServiceNow Portfolio

IT Service Management

Stable Architecture needs a Strong Foundation

The basis of a flawlessly functioning organization is stable and reliable IT. ServiceNow’s IT Service Management gives you the perfect standard based on the best practice insights as per ITIL. The ITSM solution is innovative and fit for the future. It has already been designated THE leading solution eight times in Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Customer Service Management

More Service through Automation

With first-class digital customer service management, you improve your service operations and delight your customers with digital workflows. By connecting the front and back office in one application, you proactively address problems and optimize processes in customer service. The extensive functions in the ServiceNow platform let you automate frequent requests.

HR Service Delivery

Human Resources – Automated Support in the “Running System"

Procedures, activities, and processes in HR can either be integrated into the ServiceNow platform from an existing system or using the defined standards in the module as needed – easily and without any difficulties. It has everything that counts – and YOU can count on that! We would be delighted to discuss the benefits and options with you in a personal meeting.

App Engine

Benefits of Low-Code

Developing new corporate apps often costs lots of time and money. The low-code development in ServiceNow’s App Engine lets you develop custom corporate apps that are specifically tailored to your needs. That accelerates process automation and ensures smooth collaboration. Both users and your colleagues will be enthusiastic because the new apps can be developed in a much shorter amount of time and with lower expenses.

Our Team

Concentrated competence for your ServiceNow applications

Our team’s individual competences are as diverse as the applications of ServiceNow. At AKQUINET, experienced project management and process consulting have many faces in the truest sense of the term: From career jumpers to industrial engineers, our employees are committed and motivated people with experience in everyday business who want to realize and further your custom project together with you.

We value diversity. Both for exciting requirements and tasks, and when we put together our departments. Our service portfolio is colorful, and so are our employees’ strengths.

Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.
Two colleagues from the AKQUINET ServiceNow team in conversation while an AKQUINET employee looks at a cell phone.
Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.
Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.

Our Philosophy

We promote training and continuing education, and we give everyone who wants to make progress a chance. We believe that is the best prerequisite for giving you exactly THE expertise and human dynamic you need for successful and smooth implementation.

Relaxed employees who are in balance are an important factor for customer and company satisfaction. That is why we pay attention to personal development opportunities as well when addressing all requirements. Home office, a sabbatical, plannable free time – we are happy to promote employees’ capability to perform through flexibility.

That sets us apart and makes us strong together. For you, for the project, and for the future.


More than well Advised

Even with all the developments in artificial intelligence and process optimization, human and approachable competence always takes center stage at AKQUINET. Contact us if you have questions or consulting requests.

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Very easy to reach

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