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The Digital Workplace – Less Work, More Flow

The best solution for digital working is no longer written in the stars. It’s in the cloud. When are you going to make your work easier?

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Simplify processes, comply with standards, avoid sources of error, save time, and avoid stress. Intuitive and transparent for all users, ServiceNow gives you a decisive advantage: the best usability. In other words: everything simply works simply. It transforms complex workflows into uniform processes that are comprehensible across industries and departments.

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ONE Platform for Everything and Everyone

Scalable Added Value for All Areas

Agile and dynamic processes

Individual modules based on needs

Digitalization and simplification of workflows

Maximum flexibility, zero complexity, absolute reliability

Seamless system integration that is compatible with interfaces

Stable and secure cloud services, 100% conformity with the GDPR

Your Company’s Advantages

Your Future with ServiceNow

Founded by Fred Luddy in the USA as a software company in 2004, ServiceNow has become one of the most powerful cloud-based platforms for digitalized Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions.

In recent years, the requirements for networking, connection, and location-dependent access to data and workflows have changed rapidly once again. Not only the pandemic has made mature digital options for standardized, cross-departmental process environments more important and in higher demand than ever before at companies, authorities, and institutions.

Incorporating all internal responsible parties and integrating customers and external users into a uniform system that can be used independently of hardware, software, and place of work – those are the demands ServiceNow and AKQUINET fulfill.

Sound Familiar?

Often, many still work with unnecessarily complex manual processes. “Uncontrolled growth” of the tools used, different platforms, and individual methods leads to increased expenditure, time loss, and communication problems.

Briefly put, too many interfaces and system disruptions cripple the process.

A man and a woman look at information on a notebook.

A common user situation:

  • Different tools, platforms, domains, etc.
  • Manual entry and multiple interfaces
  • Unclear responsibilities in some cases

A common IT situation:

  • Requests/contact through several channels
  • Time loss instead of fast and efficient solutions
  • Knowledge base is primarily understood as an IT tool
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A common customer situation:

  • Scattered knowledge and data silos
  • Sluggish procedure and permanently accumulating data
  • High security requirements must be met
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Benefits for users:

  • ONE central access pointt
  • ONE look and feel without system disruptions (seamless experience)
  • Clear, intuitive, logical, and stable

Benefits for IT:

  • Uniform communication through automated standards
  • First-level support for users directly in the system
  • Fast solutions, satisfied users
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Benefits for customers:

  • ONE platform – for future tools, apps, and extensions as
  • Self-explanatory digital access – efficient and time-saving
  • Secure and stable cloud technology – flexible and scalable

It’s Simple with ServiceNow

Intuitive guidance and easy use – the benefits of an innovative application can only be as great as users’ motivation to work with it. Automated processes and binding specifications simplify and support daily business noticeably. ServiceNow delivers real senses of achievement extremely quickly.

Was wir für Sie tun?

We look forward to discovering the optimization potential of your specific procedures and processes – so you can take the next step towards becoming an agile, dynamic, and efficient company with satisfied customers and a loyal clientèle.

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Effects with ServiceNow:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized sources of error
  • Greater transparency

Effects with ServiceNow:

  • Motivation through positive use experience
  • ONE environment
  • Uniform workflows and communication
A man and a woman look at information on a notebook.

Already Working, or Still Looking?

ServiceNow Solutions for more Business FLOW

Maximum flexibility and zero complexity: a direct comparison and overview of features and service modules
We’ll determine the best module for you together.

Up to Now

LOW Performance

Whether hardware, software, assignment of rights, or any number of other issues is concerned: different systems, several catalogs, and fragmented communication by e-mail often lead to chaotic procedures. That costs you time and causes stress.

In the Future


ONE main catalog applies to EVERYTHING in the portal. With individually assigned roles and authorizations – predefined settings prevent misunderstandings. New items can be entered in the catalog manually or automatically using an interface.

Graphic on the subject of ServicNow - digital authorization system.
Graphic on the subject of ServicNow - Order status module.

Up To Now

Order Status: MOSTLY VAGUE

Detailed information about the order status of a process is often missing. And there is usually no effective tracking function available to provide an overview with the most precise information possible.

In the Future

Order Status with ServiceNow: ALWAYS TRANSPARENT

All authorized parties can view the individual status steps in the service portal at any time. Notifications can be called up in the ServiceNow portal and, if desired, also be pushed using e-mail or MS Teams.

Up To Now

Common Knowledge Level of Individual Processes: MEAGER

Person A organizes the ordering process one way, and person B does it differently. Manually created documents and individual ways of working promote fragmented knowledge, disruptions in communication, and knowledge gaps. That is counterproductive.

In the Future

Common Knowledge Level with ServiceNow: COMPREHENSIVE

Defined workflows ensure automatic compliance at all times and for all processes that can be traced. Process descriptions and flows can be defined right in the workflows, and supporting knowledge material can be incorporated directly.

Graphic on the topic of ServicNow - Digital Workflows.

Up To Now

Order System Management: TRICKY

Most order systems are “hard-coded” environments. “Flexibility” is often a foreign term in these contexts, so maintenance and modification are accordingly laborious and rigid.

In the Future

Creating Order Systems with ServiceNow: EASY

The Catalog Builder in ServiceNow will leave nothing to be desired if you want to make custom, and above all intuitive, new catalogs. You can quite easily automate the processes you need using drag & drop in the Flow Designer.

Up To Now

Media Disruptions during Request Processing: THE NORM

It is often the case that not all the relevant information for the process is available in a compact and easily accessible form. For instance, documentation of knowledge is often stored in different systems and cannot be viewed at the touch of a button.

In the Future

Media Disruptions when Processing Requests with ServiceNow: THE PAST

The Agent Workspace in ServiceNow provides one central working area for everyone and everything. Everything is linked and can be called up, whether you need the central knowledge database containing additional information relevant to the operation or other digital documents

Graphic on the subject of ServicNow - the Agent Workspace.
Graphic on the topic of ServicNow - digital onboarding processes.

Up To Now

Tools, Portal Applications, and Programs: BRANCHED

Companies frequently use several internal platforms for certain areas – such as an HR tool, an order portal, and also an intranet for internal communication. The larger the number of different systems used, the more complicated the procedures become.

In the Future

Tools, Portal Applications, and Programs with ServiceNow: UNIFIED

The Employee Service Center and Service Catalog in ServiceNow give you ONE central portal for ALL issues. You can fill the portal with information and functions and structure it specifically for your company even if you don’t have developer knowledge.

Up To Now

General Expenditure: ENORMOUS

Manually created reports, different data standards, various versions of documents – they all are due to the circuitous processes that are not uniform and that generate considerable processing expenditure.

In the Future

General Expenditure with ServiceNow: INFINTESIMAL

The central CMDB in Service Now has a uniform logic across all tables, modules, and functions. Realtime reporting with all relevant data is possible at every point in a process. Data from third-party systems, such as SAP systems, can be integrated using an (API) interface.

Graphic on the topic of ServiceNow - real-time reporting.
Graphic on the topic of ServiceNow - innovative data migration.

Up To Now

Data Migration Options: FRUSTRATING

When different systems are used, data silos often develop at companies. They are inflexible and difficult to reach from certain applications. Media disruptions increase the staff expenditure and thus cost time and money.

In the Future

Data Migration Options with ServiceNow: FASCINATING

As a central digitalization platform, ServiceNow makes it possible to merge all existing systems using the IntegrationHub and use the information in ONE environment. The prefabricated interfaces, such as MS Teams, provide added value without superseding the existing systems.

Up To Now

Merging Information: TOILSOME

Entering information, such as from e-mails into the appropriate target system, normally takes place manually and requires a corresponding amount of expenditure. Additionally, the process harbors a source of error.

In the Future

Merging Information with ServiceNow: BLISSFUL

Basic functions like inbound actions make data integration from other sources, such as e-mails, quick and easy. The information that is then stored in the workflow can be seen and used by all parties involved.

Graphic on the topic of ServiceNow - data integration.

Overview of Modules

IT Service Management

Stable Architecture needs a Strong Foundation

The basis of a flawlessly functioning organization is stable and reliable IT. ServiceNow’s IT Service Management gives you the perfect standard based on the best practice insights as per ITIL. The ITSM solution is innovative and fit for the future. It has already been designated THE leading solution 8 times in Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Customer Service Management

More Service through Automation

With a first-class digital customer service management program, you improve your service operations and delight your customers with digital workflows. By connecting the front and back office in one application, you proactively address problems and optimize processes in customer service. The extensive functions in the ServiceNow platform let you automate frequent requests.

HR Service Delivery

Human Resources – Automated Support in the “Running System”

Procedures, activities, and processes in HR can either be integrated into the ServiceNow platform from an existing system or using the defined standards in the module as needed – easily and without any difficulties. It has everything that counts – and YOU can count on that! We would be delighted to discuss the benefits and options with you in a personal meeting.

App Engine

Benefits of Low-Code

Developing new corporate apps often costs lots of time and money. The low-code development in ServiceNow’s App Engine lets you develop custom corporate apps that are specifically tailored to your needs. That accelerates process automation and ensures smooth collaboration. Both users and your colleagues will be enthusiastic because the new apps can be developed in a much shorter amount of time and with lower expenses.

Our Team

Concentrated competence for your ServiceNow applications

Our team’s individual competences are as diverse as the applications of ServiceNow. At AKQUINET, experienced project management and process consulting have many faces in the truest sense of the term: From career jumpers to industrial engineers, our employees are committed and motivated people with experience in everyday business who want to realize and further your custom project together with you.

We value diversity. Both for exciting requirements and tasks, and when we put together our departments. Our service portfolio is colorful, and so are our employees’ strengths.

Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.
Two colleagues from the AKQUINET ServiceNow team in conversation while an AKQUINET employee looks at a cell phone.
Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.
Ricardo Stier and Daniel Funk from AKQUINET in conversation about ServiceNow topics.

Our Philosophy

We promote training and continuing education, and we give everyone who wants to make progress a chance. We believe that is the best prerequisite for giving you exactly THE expertise and human dynamic you need for successful and smooth implementation.

Relaxed employees who are in balance are an important factor for customer and company satisfaction. That is why we pay attention to personal development opportunities as well when addressing all requirements. Home office, a sabbatical, plannable free time – we are happy to promote employees’ capability to perform through flexibility.

That sets us apart and makes us strong together. For you, for the project, and for the future.


More than well Advised

Even with all the developments in artificial intelligence and process optimization, human and approachable competence always takes center stage at AKQUINET. Contact us if you have questions or consulting requests.

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