Logistics - fit for the future?

Reduced margins and high demands on business process integration - both in house and connecting to clients and partners - require a higher degree of process optimization, standardization and automation in order to keep pace with competition.

In particular because of the number of participants in supply chain processes the industry faces very complex and heterogeneous conditions- transport and locistics service providers play a central roll in these scenarios and are therefore also business process integration provider.

Transport and logistics is judged to be one of the most critical infrastructures of our economy and even society - this results in high legal requirements adding another dimension to the overall and professional solution. Many requirements can only be fulfilled by strictly "computerized" replacement of today's partially still analogue or manual processes.


You need a strong partner for logistics.

We know how the supply chain works

We gained our expertise through practical experience. Our consultants are trained freight forwarders and logistics experts with a profound understanding of business processes, information technology, and project management.

We see business processes through our customers' eyes

To find our solutions, we always start with the requirements of our business partners' customers – process optimization and technology follow the business transaction.

We integrate solutions for our customers

We master the wide variety of technical constraints. We create technical interfaces, as well as process and data interfaces, for our customers and their partners.

We support our customers with their projects

From strategy and solution architecture all the way to commissioning – we support our customers' SCM projects.

We find solutions – quickly and reliably

Whether custom solution, standard ERP systems, or industry software: We identify high-quality solutions together with our customers, including an extensive standard software solution for the transportation and logistics sector, which we adapt to your individual requirements.

We support our customers' operations

Upon request, we can assume end-user training, operations, and application support  for the solutions we create with our customers, to ensure that our customers' knowledge and practice can grow sustainably and compatible with ongoing business. We stay on the ball together.

We have a strong network and many experts

AKQUINET gives you quick access to qualified resources in many peripheral subject areas – from data centers and developing skills to IT security and certification.

We always think ahead, because innovation is our strategy

The future of the supply chain and the further evolution of our customers' processes are already on our agenda.

Optimal consulting - from strategy to implementation

Because logistics is a plethora. What are you looking for?



"The mission of logistics involves providing the right quantity of the right objects – the subject of logistics – at the right place in the system, at the right time, in the right quality and at the right costs."
(Reinhardt Jünemann, 1989)

Do everything right – with our support!

We'll be happy to advise you.


Olaf Zöftig
+ 49 40 88173 4419

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